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  • The 5 Steps of a Digital Marketing Plan

    So you’ve got your business plan set up, your target decided and the website made. You’re familiar with basic marketing so you just apply the same rules to the online world, right? Unfortunately there’s a bit more to it. Digital marketing must be planned ahead of time, and have a specific strategy set in place. […]

  • What No One Tells You About Starting a Blog

    Nowadays it seems everyone wants to start a blog. But how does one get started? When I first began blogging I had so many questions and didn’t know where to even begin. For example which software to use (I have always used WordPress and love it) or how to track your users. I’ve written a […]

  • Why Customer-Made is so Hot Right Now

    How much would you be willing to pay for a chocolate bar? 1 dollar? 3 dollars? What about 10 dollars? I know what your thinking, “what kind of chocolate bar would ever be 10 dollars?”. How about the kind of chocolate bar that has your girlfriends name on it with a sweet quote, her favorite […]

  • Write Drunk, Edit Sober

    The title of this post is a quote from Ernest Hemingway, one of the most prolific writers ever known.  You know the feeling, you have this spectacular idea for a blog post/assignment/article only to stare at a blank screen.  Maybe some of us could use Hemingway’s advice, and writing is beautiful in that you actually could whip out […]